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80x25 Linux Console

For those of us grey beards who remember a simple 80x25 text terminal (or a C64 user who longed for 80 cols). This is the article for you.

Linux can still be run in a non-graphics mode, however if you are running any kind of a console server the cols and rows don’t match up. Here are some steps to set your linux console to 80x25.

Bootloader - Set the screen resolution

This really depends on your boot loader (grub, extlinux, lilo, silo, raspi). The resolution you need to get to is 1280x720.

Raspberry Pi

Add the following to your /boot/firmware/config.txt


Kernel - Don’t set the mode

The kernel options can actually change your resolution after the boot loader. Use the nomodeset option in your kernel command line

Raspberry Pi

Append nomodeset to /boot/firmware/cmdline.txt

Console Font

The only console font that would create an 80x25 terminal is VGA 16x28 at the 1280x720 resolution:

Set the following in your /etc/default/console-setup


Check your work

To save yourself the trouble of manually rows and columns this command makes it very easy:

set | grep -E "^COL|^LINES|^TERM"

Created: 2024-05-12 Modified: 2024-05-12