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Create your own Kodi TV Station



I am infatuated with the Raspberry Pi computer and am always looking for a new use for one. Lately I’ve been using one as a media center box running Kodi. I also have more than one TV and I realized quickly that installing a kodi-pi device per TV was a lot of upkeep. I needed some way to have one Kodi broadcast its video to all my TVs. I could run an HDMI splitter and a LOT of HDMI cable but I already had the infrastructure in my unused coax cable already built into my house.

Previously I wrote an article on how to do this with an RF modulator and an analog NTSC video signal. I wanted that crisp clear HDMI/digital display & audio. Though not without cost, I did manage to find a very versitile digital RF modulator!

This will create a digital TV channel which can be picked up on your TV’s channel scan (either antenna or cable).


Equipment used

Overview/Lessons Learned

A LOT of trial and error went into this configuration. I had a lot of TVs from various decades with varying degrees of tuner technology. Here are some quick thoughts:

Kodi Configuration

There are many ways to install Kodi on Raspberry Pi: Native, LibreElec or OSMC. All of these should get you to an install.
Be sure to do all of your video and audio configurations first on a standard monitor before using the Multicom. This will save a bunch of frustration in the long run. The following config changes are based on the default settings:



Remote Control

Forget about attempting an IR or CEC remote. It just won’t work here. Your best bet is to control your Kodi install over your local network either through its web interface, Kore app for android or upnp (not the best option).

Multicom Configuration


The connections are pretty straight forward. I do recommend using its web interface for configuration. It’s much quicker and easier to understand. Again the following are based on the defaults. The RF Output depends on your countries standards, my configuration is based on US standards.

Encoder Setup

RF Output Setup

Created: 2021-10-24 Modified: 2024-04-01